Marte Helgetun

Grandma`s Mittens

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These mittens hold dear memories of my grandmother. She was a midwife with the softest hands, always having time to teach, showcase, and embrace. It was my grandmother who taught me how to knit, and her mittens always had this two-colored pattern.

You begin at the fingers and knit your way up with one strand of each quality. Here, you get to try the Turkish cast-on, i-cord, and magic loop.


Grandma`s Mittens

Sizes: One size, fits women

Lunt + Lett by Marte Helgetun
1 ball of Lunt in color 01 Kitt
1 ball of Lett in color 01 Kitt
1 ball of Lunt in color 03 Sand
1 ball of Lett in color 17 Sand

The mittens are knit with 1 strand of Lunt and 1 strand of Lett held together.

80 cm long circular needle size 4.5 mm. If you use interchangeable circular needles,
we recommend using a tip size 4.5 mm and a tip size 3 mm.
Size 3 mm needle for i-cord edge and ribbing, either a long circular needle or double-pointed needles.

24 stitches of stockinette with one strand of each quality on needle size 4.5 mm = 10 cm.