Marte Helgetun

Happy Winter Baggy Hat

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This is a baggy hat with a wide folded edge, which is warm and cozy on a windy and cold day. The combination of the luxurious yarn Lunt and Lett together with the decorative leather tag, gives the hat a delicate expression. A bonus is that the hat is going to match your future HappyFeet Winter Edition, if they aren´t in your wardrobe already.


Happy Winter Baggy Hat

Sizes: S/M (M/L)
Heigth before folding up the edge: 35 (37) cm

Lunt + Lett by Marte Helgetun
2 (2) balls (of 50g) Lunt nr. 06 Skifer
1 (1) balls (of 25g) Lett nr 06 Skifer

1 leather tag

100 cm circular needle nr. 4 mm (If using interchangable needles, we recommend using one tip nr. 4 mm and one tip nr. 3 mm)
If you don´t want to use the magic loop technique after finishing the increases on the top of the hat you can use a 40 cm circular needle nr. 4 mm before changing to a 40 cm circular needle nr. 3 mm for the last 14 cm of the hat.
22 stitches stockinette with one thread of each yarn Lunt and Lett on needle nr. 4 mm = 10 cm

The needle size is just indicative, so remember to check your gauge to ensure the size will be as described.