Marte Helgetun

Winterscarf Lux

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Scarf is something you can never have enough of in my opinion. This is a perfect beginner project if you haven’t tried knitting brioche stitch before and want to give it a go. The beautiful color transitions in the yarn make it hard to put the knitting down.

The scarf is knitted with a thin mohair thread Lett together with a ball of Lunt Fargespill. You can also choose three different colors of Lunt together with corresponding colors in Lett.


Winterscarf Lux

Sizes: One size
Length: approx. 2 meters
Width: approx. 25 cm

GRADIENT SCARF: Lunt Fargespill + Lett by Marte Helgetun
1 ball of Lunt Fargespill no. 13 Himmelblå
3 balls of Lett no. 07 Lys skifer

TRIPLE SCARF: Lunt + Lett by Marte Helgetun
1 ball of Lunt nr. 04 Cappuccino
1 ball of Lett nr. 04 Cappuccino
1 nøste Lunt nr. 03 Sand
1 ball of Lett nr. 17 Sand
1 ball of Lunt nr. 01 Kitt
1 ball of Lett nr. 01 Kitt

One circular needle size 5
15 stitches in brioche stitch with one strand of each quality on needle size 5 = 10 cm