Marte Helgetun

HappyFeet Cozy Cabin

Inspired by the traditional Islender wool sweater from Devold I borrowed from my dad in my teens. Based on the original ankle sock Happy Feet. This version is knitted in the same yarn as the original and has the classic “Islender” finish around the ankles. I’m definitely bringing these with me to our mountain cabin.

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HappyFeet Cozy Cabin

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Sizes and measures
Sizes: 36/37 (38/39) 40/41 (42/43) 44/45

Yarn and yarn amounts
Knit Me Ull from JH Design or Pernilla from Filcolana, together with Tynn Silk Mohair from Sandnesgarn or Tilia from Filcolana or a similar Silk Mohair yarn with approximately 212m=25g
1 nøste Pernilla Marzipan nr. 977
1 nøste Tynn Silk Mohair Naturhvit nr. 1012
1 nøste Knit Me Ull Koksgrå nr. 505
1 nøste Tilia Steel nr. 331

2 leather tags

Needles and gauge
80cm long circular needle size 3,5mm and 4mm
If you are using interchangeable needles, we recommend that you use one 3,5 mm tip and one 4 mm tip.
24 stiches garterstitch with one thread of each yarn on needle 4mm = 10cm