Marte Helgetun

Airy Pearl Jacket

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It´s about time to relaunch one of our bestsellers, “Fargespilljakken”, this time in more sizes, and with a smart improvement in the construction. This jacket gets the most wonderful colors by combining 1 thread of Luftig and 2 threads of Lett in different colors. Since we now produce a yarn called “Fargespill” we had to give it a new name. The name is in the honor of the person I think has waited the most for this relaunch.


Airy Pearl Jacket

Sizes: (XS) S (M) L (XL) XXL
Total length measured from the cast on edge in the back of the neck:
Short jacket: (47) 48 (49) 50 (51) 52 cm
The long jacket is knitted about 15 cm longer.
Width: (95) 100 (106) 111 (122) 133 cm
Sleeve length: (44) 45 (46) 47 (48) 49 cm

Luftig + 2 x Lett by Marte Helgetun
(3) 4 (4) 5 (5) 6 balls of Luftig nr. 02 Lysegrå
(3) 4 (4) 5 (5) 6 balls of  Lett nr. 01 Kitt
(3) 4 (4) 5 (5) 6 balls of Lett nr. 07 Lys Skifer
If you want to knit the long jacket, add on one more ball of Luftig
and one more ball of each color of Lett. 

80 and 40 cm circular needle nr. 7 mm
Double pointed needles nr. 7 mm or a long circular needle nr. 7 mm
if you are using the magic loop technique for sleeves.
Double pointed needle nr. 6 mm for the I-cord
15 stitches structural knit on needle nr. 7 mm = 10 cm