Marte Helgetun

Chunky Knit Tank Top

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This cool, chunky knit tank top fits perfectly into my wardrobe, and it works so well both paired with a light summer skirt and with jeans for everyday wear. The fact that this stylish singlet can be worn both ways is a big plus, in my opinion. The texture highlights the color variations in the Line yarn beautifully, and being knit on size 7 mm needles makes it a quick knitting project.


Chunky Knit Tank Top

Sizes: S (M) L (XL)
Width: 85 (91) 97 (109) cm
Total length: 52 (54) 56 (60) cm

Line by Sandnes Garn
5 (6) 7 (9) balls of skifer no. 6080
The top is knitted with two strands of Line held together.

80 cm long circular needle no 7 mm
It’s helpful to have an extra needle or cable so it’s easier to knit the front and back pieces separately.
14 stitches in textured stitch pattern on size 7 mm needles with double yarn = 10 cm in width
After steaming and stretching, the gauge is 13 stitches. This is the gauge the measurements are based on.

1st row: Knit all stitches
2nd row: Knit 1, purl 1 repeat across the row
3rd row: Knit all stitches
4th row: Purl 1, knit 1 repeat across the row
This creates a moss stitch pattern with shifts but with a knit row in between.